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The word of a second party matters. And, if not a second, why not a third or fourth party, or more?  At the crazy rate media travels comics creators can maximize recognition with Don’t Hide PR.  Each move is customized to match your work and its anticipated audience.  We are so fortunate for our vast network, which are some of the best journalists in the biz!

Twenty year veterans of the entertainment industry, Don't Hide appreciates artistry and integrity. True, there was hiding for a hot minute, but the rule is that a good publicist always stands behind the curtain to allow creativity to shine.


You did all the hard work — time to get it in the limelight!

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Photo Credit: Windie Chao

Melissa Meszaros


melissa [at] donthidepr [dot] com


From music and film PR spanning nearly 20 years, in 2016, I FINALLY made it into the comics industry. I pride myself on the vast network I've honed over the years across entertainment and relish making mutually beneficial connections for those looking to break through.

I'm a born lover of Seattle's grunge scene, swear by the power of the Parliament Funkadelic and adores Lemmy Kilmister's renegade sensibility.  I'm an Antioch University Los Angeles MFA alum and a moonlighting tattoo artist.


Melissa is also the author of the best-selling memoir, Heavy Metal Headbang.

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