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Melissa Meszaros















“This is an important book for everyone. Brain trauma affects so many, and it's a hidden wound that is misunderstood. Having Melissa's journey available will not only provide an entertaining read, but lessons that will be thought of for a long time.”—Damien Echols, LIFE AFTER DEATH

"HEAVY METAL HEADBANG is an utterly compelling memoir of trauma, a life before and a life after. Melissa has a flair for prose and a deft wit as she jumps between time periods, vivid locations and relationships. Like me, you won’t be able to put this book down."—Steve Horton, New York Times Bestselling Author of

"…goes down like butter. I haven't read an autobiography this enjoyable in a long time! Beautiful, wise, electrifying prose." —Chris Estey, Best Music Writing, The Believer, How the Homeless Listen to Music

"This book has it all—rock, roll and redemption—with a heavy dose of pop culture and comics. And it all began from a Judas Priest concert. Melissa Meszaros finds her way back to the life she felt born for, and we share in the journey." —Jeff Krulik, Heavy Metal Parking Lot, Heavy Metal Picnic, Led Zeppelin Played Here

It's not every day that a Hollywood publicist gets hit by a car. 


Melissa Meszaros is on her way to a Judas Priest concert when the accident happens. The traumatic brain injury she sustains changes everything. Her life is turned upside down. Her steady job as publicist and trusted friends and colleagues are called into question. Even her own reflection staring back at her from the mirror seems alien.


As she navigates the legal and medical battles before her, Melissa also begins to challenge her own fractured self.For a publicist, identity is everything. What begins as a series of snapshot memories soon becomes an inspiring personal tale of recovery, as Melissa questions both her own identity and her career. What does it mean to suddenly disappear from a rock'n'roll lifestyle when your whole professional life has been dedicated to making others famous?


Heavy Metal Headbang is a defiant memoir like no other, confronting our celebrity-obsessed culture as well as the social challenges that come with recovering from a life-changing injury.

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